The Daily Kos Congeniality Award

Folks who remember the old Miss America pageant are familiar with a subcategory called Miss Congeniality. This award in theory went to the contestant who was most well-liked, or who got along well with most of the others. I often wondered whether it went to the person who was actually the most likable, or whether it went to the most skilled woman at pretending to like everyone, according to the stereotypes of pageant culture.

For this Koscar category, obviously, we want someone who is the former: genuinely well-liked just for who they are, and not because they necessarily try to please everybody. When they show up, their words add to the conversational mood of a thread, and others feel connected to them even though they have never met in person and maybe never will. Folks who represent the spirit of Daily Kos in some way or another, and deserve to be recognized for that alone.

Since we didn’t want to go the gendered route of Miss, Ms., Mrs., Mr. or mx. Congeniality, this will be the DK Congeniality Award. The Koscar will go to an individual. You can link to some of their work if you like, but it is not necessary.

Remember that people who receive multiple mentions have a better chance of making it into the final list of nominees. Nominations will be open as long as this story is accepting comments. This might be an odd category to nominate yourself, but hey, if you feel called, then go for it!

Finalists in all categories will be presented IN ONE WEEK on Tuesday, May 17 when the voting begins! Two winners in each category will be announced on our 20th anniversary: ​​Thursday, May 26!

Foreign and domestic events being what they are, a project like this can be a welcome distraction from talk of war, Supreme Court controversy, Jan. 6 revelations, and general anxiety over the upcoming midterm elections. Let’s celebrate the best of who we are, the best of what we have to offer, and the best of what we have done to effect progressive change.

here’s how YOU can participate in the Koscars:

  • Be on the lookout for the nomination request each week.

  • Read, recommend, and comment so it will stay visible on the Trending List as long as possible.

  • Make nominations in each category, including seconding nominations made by others (where applicable).

  • Vote when the final list of nominees is presented on Tuesday, May 17.

  • Congratulate the Koscar winners on our 20th anniversary: ​​Thursday, May 26!

In the comment sECTION below, please share your nominations for Category #10: DK CONGENIALITY AWARD

brand new shoes, walking blues, climb the fence, books and pens

last call for category #9: OUTSTANDING rant

You also have one more day to offer nominations in Category #9: Outstanding Rant

This might be the crown jewel of Koscar categories. Where would Daily Kos be without the intelligent, passionate rants Left Blogistan has always been famous for? Every day someone here is ranting about something: to ease tensions, to raise awareness, or just to let off steam about the horrendous behavior of our adversaries.

Rants draw our attention to unreported and underreported injustices; rants teach us new expletives, introduce new framing, and entertain us with creatively colorful turns of phrase; rants speak for us when so much steam is coming out of our ears we can’t find words strong enough to express our outrage. Rants—angry, informative, or joyful—are the very lifeblood of substantive online conversation and always will be. Let’s give a hat tip to our favorite rants in recognition for all they have given us!

Of course, there is no way to adequately review 20 years’ worth of material, and be absolutely sure we have all the bases covered. Instead, just rely on the power of the most memorable work that reached out and grabbed you and made you take notice with responses like, “That speaks for me!” and “Nail hit; driven deep!” or “I wish I had written that!”

Does that bring any particular piece of writing to your mind? That is the story we want you to nominate.

Please use the Category #9 link above or below to make your last-minute nomination in this category. You can nominate the same author more than once since some of the best writers here have dozens of memorable rants! As always, stories that multiple receive nominations have a better chance of making it into the final slate of nominees. Nominate one today!

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