Isaac Chotiner Interviews Professor Laurence Tribe

The New Yorker‘s Isaac Chotiner interviews noted Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe for the latest issue. The brief-yet-broad interview covers a range of topics, and includes some of the “gotcha” questions for which Chotiner is known. In the interview, Professor Tribe describes how he embraced the Supreme Court’s ideological direction during the Warren and Burger … Read more

Does the First Amendment Bar Public Schools from Removing Library Books Based on Their Viewpoints?

The question came before the Court in Bd. of Ed. v. Pic, and four Justices (led by Justice Brennan) took the view that “local school boards may not remove books from school library shelves simply because they dislike the ideas contained in those books.” Four other Justices (led by Chief Justice Burger) expressly rejected this … Read more

Medicare for All Would Be a Terrible Trade

If you ask, Americans tell you that health care costs too much. That opens a door, or so many politicians think, to dramatic “reforms” that would transform the provision of medicine in this country by putting the government in complete control. The catch, though, is that Americans want top-notch care, and for as close to … Read more

Pennsylvania Voters Rejected the Political Establishment in Tuesday’s Primaries

The two clear winners of Tuesday’s contested primaries in Pennsylvania have something in common. They are from the traditional power structures, embraced by voters who are fed structures and with the establishment’re even useless outside—perhaps impotent—partys. But not every race has a clear winner, including the most highly anticipated race in the state. As Tuesday … Read more