Jerome Powell, Who Wildly Misjudged Inflation, Is Overwhelmingly Reconfirmed as Fed Chair

After presiding over the biggest Federal Reserve failure in 40 years and with inflation rating as the top concern among Americans, Jerome Powell’s nomination to a second term as chairman was approved this past week by the Senate, 80–19. I know the usual arguments for ignoring the Fed’s spectacular errors, even at a time when … Read more

Biden’s Baby Formula Airlift Stunt Should Never Have Been Necessary

America’s current shortage of baby formula is a crisis created, in a significant part, by the failures of government policy aimed at protecting domestic companies from foreign competition. But rather than sweep aside the rules and regulations that have contributed to this mess, the Biden administration and Congress are gearing up to address a problem … Read more

Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Teacher’s Aide Who Criticized Student Who Had Committed Suicide

From Spring v. Allegany-Limestone Central School Dist.decided Tuesday by Judge William Skretny (WDNY): Gregory Spring was the son of Plaintiffs Keri and Eugene Spring, and the brother of Plaintiff Julianne Spring. Defendant Diane Lowry was a teacher’s aid at the Allegany-Limestone Central School District, where Gregory was a student. Lowry frequently worked in the same … Read more

Are Elephants People? New York’s Highest Court Hears Case for Animal Personhood

Animal rights group “continues to misuse the writ of habeas corpus” to advance agenda, says zoo. Forget fetal personhood or corporate personhood. The next big battle over extending individual rights under US law may come from a case involving an Asian elephant named Happy. The matter is currently being considered by New York’s highest court. … Read more

Hermes Birkin Handbags, NFTs, Trademark Law, and Rothschild (but not Controlling the Weather)

From Hermes Int’l v. Rothschildan opinion issued today by Judge Jed Rakoff (SDNY): Around December 2021, defendant Mason Rothschild created digital images of faux-fur-covered versions of the luxury Birkin handbags of plaintiffs Hermes International and Hermes of Paris, Inc. (collectively, “Hermes”). Rothschild titled these images “MetaBirkins” and sold them using so-called “NFTs” (non-fungible tokens), explained … Read more