Prideful texts may keep Proud Boy leader jailed; plus Oath Keeper sedition trial updates

From US v. Tarrio indictment. Further, prosecutors argued that the video footage of Tarrio meeting in an underground parking garage with Oath Keeper leader-turned-seditious conspiracy defendant Elmer Rhodes should bar pretrial release. Rehashing details of the meeting prosecuting attorney Jason McCullough asserting that the rendezvous was also attended by Trump Bianca Garcia of Latinos for … Read more

Now it’s time to VOTE!

We interrupt this koscar VOTING diary for a special dk20a announcement THIS FRIDAY, MAY 20Cheres and JeersVirtual 20th Anniversary Party via zoom 4:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM CDT / 7:00 PM EDT to rsvp: click here to send a kosmail to christopher reeves If you were at the 10th anniversary celebration during Netroots Nation … Read more

McBath Asks Questions No Republican Dares Answer About Abortion

Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) provided searing commentary on the latest assault on reproductive rights (of women, mind you – no one limits a man’s reproductive rights) during a Congressional hearing about the latest flurry of hate-filled forced birth laws sweeping the nation . While most Republicans (all white men) spent their allotted time asking absurd … Read more

Sen. Ron Johnson says he’s never heard of the great replacement theory he touts. Let’s roll the tape

On Tuesday, when asked by Wall Street Journal Reporter Lindsay Wise about Republicans’ endorsement, both explicit and implicit, of the “great replacement theory”—a vile fever dream that was all over the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto—RoJo feigned innocence, saying, “I’ve never heard of it, okay? I don’t know what you’re talking about. They’re just making this crap … Read more

US Is Number One – In Billionaires Hiding Money

A global index published Tuesday ranks the United States as the world’s leading perpetrator of financial secrecy, citing the country’s refusal to share key information with the tax authorities of other nations and its status as a generous tax haven for foreign oligarchs, rich executives, and other elites. The ranking comes despite US President Joe … Read more