Trump clearly knew he’d lost Wisconsin when his team tried to overturn result

And because I’m preternaturally lazy, I’ll let Mr. Sumner summarize the plot: Now, additional memos turned up by The New York Times demonstrate how this effort went forward in Wisconsin, working in lockstep with other legal challenges as Trump’s team sought to give the impression that a clear victory for Biden was somehow “in dispute.” … Read more

Let’s acknowledge the truth. Prince’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was the best ever. Happy Prince Day!

Born Prince Rogers Nelson, he was one of the most prolific artists of the 1980s, writing and producing an obscene string of hit records under his own name—often playing all the instruments himself—and writing and producing other artists, such as the Time, Vanity 6, and Sheila E. “As a performer, he challenged the limits of … Read more

Mom ignores sound advice, gets COVID unvaxxed, and her son descends into madness

It all started promisingly enough, with our friend Red asking what people thought about the vaccine. However, it became quite clear, quite quickly, that she wasn’t actually undecided. All perfectly reasonable concerns. On one hand, you have the entire medical and scientific establishment behind the vaccines; On the other hand, you have YouTube videos of … Read more

Democrats in House pass competitiveness bill, while Republicans force budget delays

Democrats have been calling for a percentage increase in non-defense spending since it was cut dramatically under the former man and the Republican Senate, and hasn’t kept pace with increases in Pentagon spending. Republicans are demanding “parity” – the same percentage increase for both sides. Congress has already approved $778 billion in the 2022 defense … Read more

Lindsey Graham is momentarily defying Trump on his Jan. 6 pardon pledge. That’s a tell

“I don’t want to send any signal that it was okay to defile the Capitol,” Graham said. The comments—clearly traitorous to Trump’s cult—prompted a rebuke from Trump on Tuesday during a Newsmax interview. “Lindsey Graham is wrong. Lindsey is a nice guy but he’s a RINO,” Trump said, leveling what amounts to a slur among … Read more

Remembering the ‘born again pagan’ mayor who transformed Portland, Oregon

Portland’s mayor in 1984, Frank Ivancie, was presumed to be a local powerhouse, having served for decades previously on the City Commission, and was expected to easily win a second term. With better-known progressive opponents all passing on the race, Clark volunteered as tribute. However, it turned out that Ivancie—a conservative Democrat who went on … Read more